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Quality Policy and Safety of Products

• assessment of quality of the products of our customers is our only criterion, the satisfaction of our customers and users is the most important goal

• health safety of the products is an imperative for us. A build up of systemic hygiene management and application of HACCP principles in the production and development of products enables us to remain faithful to this standard

• our selection are audited suppliers with whom we establish long-term partnerships to ensure continuity of production and quality of products

• establish, maintain and continually improve the quality management system and security products aiming to business excellence

• establishment of good internal and external communication as a basis for the transfer of values , knowledge and information

• monitoring and apply of new technologies in food production while preserving the distinctive flavors of local cuisine

• new trends in markets are tracked and adjusted our product range under constant supervision and with the successful management of production costs in the market

• individual values of our employees
are highly valued and their training is systematically promoted in order to strengthen solidarity and satisfaction of our employees

• ensuring social recognition through
our respect to our activities on national and European codes, as well as laws, regulations and standards of work, is one of our priorities.

• All our production processes are conducted in accordance with environmental protection.

Jami has the following certificates: ISO 9001 - Haccp- Halal- IFS Food

 Jami - ukus koji mami